X2 update: tips & tricks!

📁 MyLaps Product News 🕔09.September 2016
X2 update: tips & tricks!

New mechanical design

MyLaps X2 TransponderAll new X2 Transponders and X2 Racekeys which are shipped from now on,  will have a new mechanical design. This new design ensures a perfect connection between the X2 Transponder and the X2 RaceKey and solves all connection issues which may have occurred in the past.

For older X2 Transponders in the field affected by the connection issue MyLaps have an “X2 RaceKey Connection Fix” available, which is available by contacting us today – click here.

Check X2 Transponder diagnostics

MyLaps ConnectDid you know that you can easily check the status of a X2 Transponder via MYLAPS Connect without logging in?

  1. Start-up ‘MYLAPS Connect’
  2. Insert the X2 RaceKey to USB port of your PC
  3. Connect the X2 Transponder to the X2 RaceKey
  4. Press the “Shift” button on your keyboard and simultaneously click “Login”

A detailed diagnostics screen will show the following status information which can help with troubleshooting:

  • Start date: start date of current subscription
  • Days valid: total days of subscription (from start date until expiration date)
  • End date: expiration date of subscription
  • Battery: battery status (Charging, Full)
  • License: OK (= activated), not OK (= not activated)


X2 the new standard in racing

496bf598-04dd-4b80-b016-41cf7a151471After the introduction of the new MyLaps X2 technology, it has become the standard for professional racing. Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Herlings, Rossi, Marquez and many other professional racers and riders rely on X2 timing.

Luckily, X2 is also available for club level. With the new X2 standard, MyLaps offer a platform which gives extensive insights into race activity, track status and system performance. The X2 platform will also bring 2-way data communication between race control and the racer to the track via X2 Link components. Check out this video below to learn more about this new and revolutionary service.


LED signals explained

Below you will find an overview of the LED signals and its meaning.

When docked in X2 RaceKey MountWhen docked in X2 RaceKey Mount
Start-up: when power is applied, the RaceKey will show a startup sequence where all LED’s will flash.

x2-lights2Not Applicable


Green (solid for 2 seconds, flashes 2 times) = Active Subscription
Red (solid for 2 seconds, flashes 2 times) = Non active Subscription


Not applicable


When docked in X2 Transponder (Rechargeable)When docked in X2 Transponder (Rechargeable)
Start-up: when power is applied, the RaceKey will show a startup sequence where all LED’s will flash.

x2-lights2Green (steady) = Powered and connected to a PC
Green (flashing) = Communication
Blue (flashing) = Powered
Red (flashing) = Upgrading X2 RaceKey

Green (steady) = Active Subscription
Red (steady) = Non active Subscription


Green (steady) = Fully charged
Red (flashing) = Charging